West Africa Overland Trips – How Do I Pay?

For UK based passengers we ask that you pay us in British Pounds Sterling. We can accept payment via a bank transfer, PayPal or a cheque. Please note that if you use bank transfer there might be a bank charge which you must pay at your end. This fee varies depending upon which bank you use, but typically it will be no more than £20, and with most banks will be free.

If you choose to pay with PayPal you must add 4% on top of the total amount we ask you for as this will cover the fees PayPal charge us. We do not incorporate the PayPal fees into our prices.


For non-UK based passengers we ask that you pay us in Euros. The way it works is that we will convert the trip cost into Euros using the GBP-EUR inter-bank rate on that day. We will then email you the amount to pay us in Euros. You can then pay us by using an international bank transfer. Again, there will be a charge for a bank transfer which you must pay at your end; typically it will be around £20 equivalent in your currency, but it does depend upon which bank you use.

If you are a non-UK based passenger and want to pay us using PayPal, we need you to pay us in Pounds and NOT Euros.  You must add 4% onto the transaction amount as this covers the fees that PayPal charge us.

It should work out cheaper for all of us if you pay the deposit using PayPal but the trip balance using a bank transfer. It all depends upon how much your particular bank charges you for the transfer.

We will of course give more detailed information on methods of payment when we send you a booking form.