West Africa Overland Trips & Adventure Travel In Liberia, Guinea Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Benin, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania Senegal (inc Casamance), Togo, Gambia, Morocco & Western Sahara


Overlanding West Africa is an independent travel company operating overland adventure trips throughout the West Africa region.

Our unique and exploratory trips visit a number of countries and numerous places that few other overland operators venture to, taking our time to explore and at times travel as far off the beaten track as possible.

Focussing upon West Africa and nowhere else, you can be sure you’ll be getting a trip run by crew who are passionate and entirely focused upon this magical part of the world!

West Africa Group Tours Ghana Senegal Morocco Benin Sierra Leone

We like to bring groups of like-minded people together who share a genuine love of adventure and exploratory overland travel. Visiting areas that other travellers seldom get to, a degree of flexibility is built in to all of our trips to allow for the unforeseen challenges and opportunities that crop up along the way.

We do not rush through the region like some other overland companies, and we won’t be bumping into other overland trucks every other day or sharing campsites with dozens of other tourists. We pride ourselves on true overland adventure travel!


Largely still unspoiled by mass tourism, the countries of West Africa will intrigue and fascinate even the most experienced traveller, with an abundance of pristine beaches, colourful and vibrant markets, talented musicians, incredible landscapes, larger than life characters, an unrivalled arts and crafts scene, and in many places a chance to experience a traditional way of life.

Travelling in the region can sometimes be tough and unpredictable but we guarantee you’ll be rewarded with some truly unforgettable experiences and magical memories!

“West Africa is a quite different Africa from the countries on the opposite coast. The countries of West Africa are travellers’ lands” – The Daily Telegraph