Booking A Trip With Overlanding West Africa

To us you aren’t just another anonymous booking and we don’t want you to remain a name on a sheet of paper until the trip starts. We are a small company and we like to keep things personal.

The kind of trips we operate can be challenging at times, so we want you to be sure you know what an overland trip with us involves. Please ensure you have read the What To Expect page on our website as well as our Frequently Asked Questions page and our Terms and Conditions

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For this reason we are doing things a bit differently. We’ve come up with a short enquiry form with a few questions about you, your previous travel experience, how you found us etc.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing too serious! Click here to fill out our enquiry form.

This gives us the chance to find out what trips you are interested in joining and to learn a bit about you. There is also a space on the form to note any specific questions or queries you have for us.

Once we receive your enquiry form we will get back to you as soon as we can. We will then send you a booking form detailing the terms and conditions and methods of payment.

How Do I Pay For The Trip?