West Africa Overland Adventure Travel Videos

Experience the magic of West Africa, the beauty of it’s people, their rich cultures and traditions, and the incredible landscapes you will see along the way as our trips journey through Ghana, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau, Senegal and Gambia.

A huge thank you to Jamie Noel, a professional film maker,  who joined us on our Accra to Freetown trip in January 2013. Jamie made most of the videos shown on this page, and has done a superb job in highlighting the best West Africa has to offer. Thanks Jamie!

In addition we’d like to say a massive thank you to all of the passengers on our trips in 2014 who contributed their footage to some of the other videos on this page. Jeremy Hubbard did an excellent job in editing it all to make some of these incredible videos. Thanks Jeremy!

Please Note: YouTube automatically selects the video quality depending upon the speed of your internet connection. Most of our videos are HD quality. You can select HD by playing the video. Once started, a gear icon will appear in the bottom bar of the video screen. Click on this icon and select the highest quality available.

Trips In West Africa: Highlights Part 1

A taste of West Africa to liven up your day! Check out a vine bridge in Guinea, river safaris around Tiwai Island, off road driving in Sierra Leone, wild chimpanzees, the spectacular Yamoussoukro Basilica, bead making in Korhogo and lots more in our latest video. Turn up the volume and enjoy the soundtrack by the Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars. The best of West Africa!

Ivory Coast Stilt Dance Ceremony!

Fantastic action packed video of a stilt dance ceremony our Accra to Freetown overland group got to witness in 2014. Enjoy the performance as we spent the night in a traditional Ivorian village. Set amongst the tropical rainforest with the mountains in the background it makes the perfect setting for such a spectacular music and dance ceremony!

Ghana To Sierra Leone Part 1

West Africa overland adventure trip from Accra to Freetown. Taking in the slave forts and pristine beaches along Cape Coast, Ghana; trekking around the Sindou Peaks in the west of Burkina Faso; walking on a traditional Vine Bridge in Guinea’s Forest region; and visiting the Tonga hills in the north of Ghana!

Ghana To Sierra Leone Part 2

West Africa overland adventure from Accra to Freetown. Watch the artisans at work in the north of Ivory Coast; wildlife at Mole National Park in Ghana; beautiful beaches around Freetown, Sierra Leone; driving through tropical scenery and hectic local markets; and the friendly smiles we encounter along the way!

Ghana To Sierra Leone Part 3

West Africa overland adventure trip from Accra to Freetown. Watch a traditional dance and music ceremony in Ivory Coast with a stilt dancer kicking up the dust; the adobe style mud mosque at Larambanga, Ghana; the magnificent basilica in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast; the canopy walkways at Kakum National Park in Ghana; and wild chimpanzees in Guinea’s Forest region

Traditional Dancing In Gambia

On both our Dakar to Freetown and Freetown to Dakar trips we spend a couple of nights on the banks of the river Gambia at Tendaba camp. After a day out looking for wildlife, we’re lucky enough to witness a brilliant evening of dance and music courtesy of the local village. A great chance for you to take part in the ceremony and learn some dance moves courtesy of the friendly villagers!

Trips In West Africa: Highlights Part 2

Witness an incredible Koumpo dance in Senegal’s Casamance region, canopy walkways above the Kakum National Park, off road driving through the Liberian jungle, and everyday village life in Ivory Coast…all topped off with some superb singing and dancing!

A Typical Day In West Africa!

Watch this brilliant promotional video Jamie Noel made for us. Highlighting the very best the countries of West Africa have to offer: stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, unique architecture, rich cultures and traditions, and some of the most welcoming people in the world!

Aminah Ploughing Through The Mud!

The roads were still quite wet in 2012 as we drove through the Fouta Djalon highlands in Guinea. Here’s a short video from passenger Will Betts as Jimmy drove Aminah through the muddy bog!

Stilt Dance Ceremony In Ivory Coast

With the long civil conflict just over by 2012, we didn’t know whether the stilt dancers would still be in the village we knew about. Luckily they were, and what a show they put on for us!

Driving Through The Ivorian Jungle!

One of the most beautiful parts of our journey between Senegal and Ghana is the jungle crossing between Guinea and Ivory Coast. The roads are pretty muddy and bumpy at times, but the scenery stunning with some spectacular views as we drive through traditional villages and bamboo forests.

Dakar To Freetown To Accra Overland

Photo video of our first season as we travelled from Dakar to Freetown and onto Accra. Watch Aminah as she forded swollen rivers and muddy bogs amongst tropical scenery; vibrant markets full of activity; wildlife at Tiwai Island, Sierra Leone; and the rich culture of the people that make up the region.

Wild Chimps, Basilicas, And Mosques

Taking in some of the major highlights of Ghana, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Guinea. Visit the canopy walkways above Kakum National Park, Ghana; the impressive basilica in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast; trekking wild chimpanzees in Guinea; and the adobe mud mosque in Larambanga, Ghana.

The Natural Beauty Of Sierra Leone!

Sierra Leone is fast becoming a favoured destination in west Africa for travellers, and it’s easy to see why when you watch this video! From the bustling streets of Freetown, to Tiwai Island nature reserve, to some of the most pristine beaches in the world, you can see why people call it SWEET SALONE!

Accra To Ouagadougou Journey

A short video highlighting Ghana’s Atlantic coastline, Lake Bosumtwi, the markets in Kumasi, and the natural beauty around Banfora, Burkina Faso.

Trek To A Vine Bridge In Guinea

Vine bridges (Pont de Llanas) are used to transport produce around the forest. Here’s a beautiful example of one we visit in the Forest region of Guinea!

Aminah Boarding A Ferry In Guinea

Watch Aminah boarding a ferry in Guinea as we head into the highlands known as the Fouta Djalon. It’s a bumpy ride as we cross from Guinea Bissau!

Building Aminah Our Overland Truck

A picture video of how we constructed our overland truck, Aminah, over the course of a year in 2010-2011. A fair few late nights and a long hard slog but we got there!