West Africa Overland Trips – How Do I Pay?

We ask that you pay us in British Pounds Sterling via a bank transfer, or a cheque if issued from a United Kingdom bank.

Please note we must end up with the amount detailed on your invoice. If there is a bank charge/transfer fee it must be paid at your end. Any fee charged depends upon which bank you use, but with most UK banks it will be free of charge.

A good company to use for international transfers is Wise – https://wise.com/ – their fees are much lower than the banks charge and MUCH cheaper than PayPal which charges nearly 5% in fees!

If you prefer to pay with PayPal you must ensure we end up with the amount detailed on the invoice in our account. Unfortunately PayPal do charge high fees which we do not factor into our prices, so it will be easier all round if you send the money via a bank transfer.

Unfortunately we can no longer take payment into our Euros account as this was closed down in 2023.

We will of course give more detailed information on methods of payment when we send you a booking form.